FCM Recycling is one of Canada’s largest recyclers of e-waste. We received, dismantled, and shredded over 30 million kgs of e-waste in 2021. Our secure facilities insure that your data bearing devices are handled securely and safely. Our investment in state of the art processing equipment allows us to shred and separate all the various metals and plastics, and to recycle these commodities completely and safely. Finally we are able to trace every lot from incoming products to its ultimate destination.


FCM Recycling is focused on end-of-life for electronics. We dismantle and shred or dispose of 100% of all the electronics that enter our waste stream. At FCM, we believe that by adopting this philosophy, we are protecting against any data breach that may occur.


At FCM Recycling, we take responsibility for picking up and delivering your e-waste safely and securely. Our logistics experts will work with you to insure that we pick up, using our own trucks or bonded carriers. We are able to supply you with pallets and gaylords.


As one of Canada’s largest recyclers of e-waste, we generate millions of tons of basic commodities such as steel, plastic, aluminum, and copper as well as many other components that make up the e-waste stream. Our expertise in metals and materials allows us to search the world for the best down streams. Our regulatory experts insure that all of our down streams handle our materially in the most environmentally safe way.


In January 2016, FCM Recycling became the first e-waste recycler to operate a plastic recycling facility. With an initial investment of over $1,000,000 and an annual capacity of 10 million pounds, FCM Polymers has been mandated to recycle the HIPS and ABS that are generated through the FCM recycling process. Our goal is to close the circle in plastics and continue our leadership in responsible recycling.

We offer other recyclers and manufacturers the opportunity to benefit from our large volume buying and selling, and we welcome your inquiries


PC, Servers, Laptops,
Cell Phones & Tablets
Disk drives (HDD, SSD)
CRT televisions & Monitors
LCD, Plasma, LED Monitors & TV’s
Printers, copiers scanners

Office Phone systems
Telecommunication systems
Medical equipment
Diagnostic equipment

Industrial equipment
Electronic musical toys
Electronic toys and games
Electronic components
Small appliances
Power tools